riparian rap

Pumpautopsy, melamine, a 1969 Beetle hacked.

Our Em4 work is moving–I’ve spent many hours on design and getting parts. Samples of melamine plastic arrived. Very exciting. After years of trying we have a supplier who will correlate color of the ground plastic to its size. This material is really only available as post-industrial cast off, and asking for certain colors by size is like asking a paper recycler to send you only the A section from the New York Times. But we’ve done it (thanks, supplier.)

We keep on messing with pumps, and destroying them, and taking them apart. I finally got a couple of pump design books and dug into theory. It’s hard.

It rained like hell here last night, another 1.8 inches. More on the way tomorrow. We’ve been asked to help the NPS on the Current River with some of this in our spare time.

And we’re looking at putting an Emriver into a 1969 Beetle these kids found in the Mississippi River near St. Louis. It’s destined for the City Museum in some form. I used to own a 1969 Beetle, and this was fun. I had to research dimensions. Here’s a very rough Photoshop idea.

I write this blog partly to remind myself why I’m a bit run down now and then.