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Record annual rainfall in St. Louis.

Here’s a blog I’ve just discovered: Mother Nature Watch, written by, as far as I can tell, faculty at the Center for Environmental Science at St. Louis University.

And an interesting post from October 7; link, quote:

Today’s rainfall is bringing the St. Louis area close to an all-time record rainfall year. The year’s total rainfall is currently (before today) 50.32 inches, which is 20.37 inches over the average amount. With nearly 3 months to go in 2008 it is like [sic] that we will break the record set in 1982, of 54.97 inches. In the Great Flood of 1993, St Louis had a rainfall total of 54.76 inches.

The blog is hosted by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch media conglomerate, and encourages comments. Reading these is a great way to see what Rush Limbaugh et al. are saying about climate change without actually listening/reading, e.g. greenhouse gases make up only 1/2 of 1% of the atmosphere, so of course they can’t be the cause of climate change.