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Research at SUNY using our Emriver Em2 model.

Ted Endreny at SUNY’s Environmental Science and Forestry program is one of our most enthusiatic Emriver Em2 users. He and grad student Bangshuai Han have done some very interesting work on meander cutoffs and groundwater interactions using an Emriver Em2 and some special accessories we custom-built for them. These include a photogrammetry fixture and groundwater injection and extraction equipment.

They’ve produced two wonderful posters. The abstract is here. The work was presented at the AGU 2009 Joint Assembly.

We’ve known the Em2 models were capable of serious quantitative research, but few people have taken them to this level. Most scientists use them for demonstrations and less formal student exercises and student research projects.

We’re thrilled to see this work, and look forward to more!

Citation for the presentation: Han, B. and T. Endreny, 2009. Asymmetrical Changes in Hydraulic Gradient Along Valley and River Transects During Meander Cutoff Evolution. Eos Trans. AGU, 90(22), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract CG21A-04.

Ted (shown below with an Em2) and his colleagues have also used their Em2 for some amazing NSF-funded outreach programs. Links here and here.