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River restoration work–some good links.

Some interesting student papers, mostly, I think, from Matt Kondolf’s students at UC-Berkeley. As I’ve mentioned before, I highly recommend Elizabeth Suddith’s site for restoration news, especially if you’ve not drunk the classification cookbook Kool-aid.

Here’s a link to some very interesting papers by her and colleagues at Duke and elsewhere–the page and links and citations are about as rich as you could get for recent river restoration research. An unsurprising quote from the abstract:

According to project managers, ecological degradation typically motivated restoration projects, but post-project appearance and positive public opinion were the most commonly used metrics of success. Less than half of all projects set measurable objectives for their projects, but nearly two-thirds of all interviewees felt that their projects had been “completely successful.”

When I mention Kool-aid, I like to poke around the internets a bit and see what those folks are doing–there’s always something fun, with lots of photos (appearance is important, see above).

Today I stumbled on a real gem–a Master’s project (I think) from the University of Oklahoma’s CE department. OK, this guy has not apparently drunk the Kool-aid, but we’ll change the subject a bit. He did a study of tire revetments as bank protection tools. And not for the 1960’s-era Corps of Engineers, but in 1999! And he was able to find 48 existing installations in Oklahoma! Study here. A couple of figures below. I’m speechless.