riparian rap

SIUC stream ecology lab at LRRD.

Today Checo Colon-Gaud brought his SIUC advanced stream ecology class to LRRD for a lab.  Checo (holding before and after signs) is an NSF-funded postdoc famously featured in our Em2 video.

I talked about our work and urban stream restoration.  Then the students moved to an Emriver Em2 model, first doing exercises to understand slope and long profile surveys and then a “habitat restoration” project with as-built and post-first-flood long profile surveys.

All their stone structures failed, but the lesson was well learned–you have to carefully build a constructed channel or the stream will rebuild it for you.

On the big montor Lily Hwang is real-time plotting the long profile survey data.

Here you can see the somewhat dished, way too steep, and very spikey “as built” long profile was smoothed and adjusted after a few minutes of flow.

I really enjoyed meeting this class–a very sharp and, as you can tell, fun loving group.  It’s wonderful to see students using our models, learning and having a great time.

Wish I could do this every day.