riparian rap

Steve the Fluvial Geomorphologist?

Not the same ring as Joe the Plumber, but Kate had a lot of fun playing it, and anyway I missed my chance to talk to Obama, who drew 100,000 in nearby St. Louis yesterday.

I try to keep partisan politics off this blog, but we do talk about science here, and no matter your party affiliation, it’s hard to argue with the 61 Nobel laureates who recently endorsed Obama. It’s been a dark eight years for the environment, river restoration, and science education.

Obama spoke at the Arch, under the same beautiful skies we had in Carbondale. It was a good day for some hard work: Kate and I took our little cat Jessie to the vet for euthanasia. She would’ve been 18 years old in a few months, and life hasn’t been so good for her lately. I’ve watched a couple of cats slowly go downhill, and didn’t want that for her. Here she is with Kate in 2000, when we were newlyweds living in St. Louis. (CNN photo)