riparian rap

Stop writing “pencil for scale” captions!

You’ll write instead, “scale in cm” like a good scientist should, because we’ll be giving these to our friends at GSA Denver.

Mechanical pencils and waterproof field books will be around for a long time.  Here we have a pencil and centimeter photo scale combined.

Lily Hwang applied her photogrammetric/scientific/graphics skills to produce this.  Not easy.  Bob’s Buick doesn’t specify its freebie pencil logo length be accurate to 0.1mm.

Seems obvious, but I’ve never seen it done before, have you?

I’d love to laser engrave some nice Pentels or Staedlers. What do you think?

See you at GSA!  (And here’s a link any field note nerd will appreciate; a blog dedicated to mechanical pencils. )