riparian rap

Up for air at GSA 2012.

LRRD goes to GSA 2012 from Steve Gough on Vimeo.

Years ago I was dumped into big whitewater on the New River, and came up four times for air, getting nothing but foam.

Fifth time up I got air.  Same good feeling I have now about LRRD.

Five years ago I took LRRD from a profitable 1.5-person consulting firm to brick-and-mortar river model building.

My wife Kate insisted.  “Nobody else will do this, the world needs it, you have to.”

Terrible economic timing — summer of 2007.  The market collapsed and many universities got “don’t buy anything” orders.

Our five years of struggling for air are over.   This GSA was our best ever.

This movie is a tribute to my wonderful people at LRRD, my Kate, and supporters and colleagues in the geoscience and education community.