riparian rap

Upgraded to a status of cancelled.

I needed to use the LRRD dry erase board for something important yesterday, and so wiped off my collection of funny things I didn’t want to forget.

Now they’ll reside forever on the internets.

Eelvation. What 17 of our river cross section charts in a recent report said before Jesse caught it, right before publication. This eel is at 869.2 ft NGVD.

Inconsistently frequent. A descriptor Cara applied to wetland features in the same report. I stay up at night wondering if this phrase makes sense or not. Really. She thinks I’m making fun, but I’m not. Does chaos theory address things that happen frequently, but not consistently?

Ungraded to a status of canceled. The board is slightly wrong. What a machine written email said to me after a part became unavailable. “Your order has been upgraded to a status of canceled.” I love this one, so many possible uses.

Erroneous propellers. Well, here’s the perfect name for your garage band. Phrase used in an email to me after we were sent the wrong size propellers for a pumping system we’re prototyping. “I apologize for the erroneous propellers.” We eventually got the correct propellers. Not as catchy, is it?

100% Stunt’n. Written with strips of peeling black electrical tape on the back of a 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo I saw last week. My hat is off the salt-of-the-automotive-earth owner of this car.

And here’s a notice I got with the Bemis XCITE!(tm) replacement toilet seat I installed yesterday. It’s a pretty good seat. With a website.