riparian rap

Waiting. For a flood of information.

The NY Times ran a very long article on the Three Gorges Dam today. Lots of people there have been moved, or are waiting to be flooded.

Peter Hessler’s fantastic nonfiction book “Rivertown” is set in a village destined to be flooded.

We’re not waiting for a flood, just broadband. Today Comcast people (I think that’s it, Dayna and Cara are doing the talking) admitted they’d been assessing the *wrong building* for two weeks and that ours could have a cable broadband connection in a couple of days.

If it works, this’ll be the third modem and system I’ve set up and paid for since we moved in. Hours and hours of wasted time for all of us, thousands of dollars wasted for my little startup. That’s broadband in mayor Brad Cole’s pro business Carbondale.

Photo shows the proto doing some soldering to connect a (Chinese made) power supply to an actuator to do some secret river model things. Otherwise he and Barrett ably made head scales for Emriver models.