riparian rap

Water (and Emriver orders) flood Carbondale.

Flooding all over. From west Texas to New York. Lots of trouble in southern Illinois. Pumps and levees failed in Harrisburg, IL. If you’re into hydrology, check out the stage plots and rainfall on my favorite Missouri Ozark river.

Jesse took this photo as he and a bunch of first responders (mostly the Makanda volunteers, with help from the Carbondale FD) rescued a couple of guys who drove past barriers to find their big Silverado pickup unable to defy the realities of fluid mechanics. Thanks to a lot of brave work from Jesse and his compatriots, they narrowly escaped hypothermia and drowning.

We had a great day at LRRD, with yet another Emriver order, from St. Louis. An Emriver will be appearing at the City Museum on April 25, and we’ll be there, too.

And here Jesse and Cara laugh at this video on YouTube (sorry, folks who can’t link from work). From a Finnish musician who’s overdubbed his own intentionally bad playing over classic stage performances from Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, et al. Funny in a very deep and original way, and without a victim.

And a wonderful illustration of the fine line between cool and ridiculous.