riparian rap

The water pig squeals; my work published, sort of.

Taking a break from my incessant administrative and computer-based tasks, I worked on an old design for a small flume this week. I originally built a prototype last year that was, with some cruelty towards me, nicknamed the “water pig.” With a little change (a ducted propeller, no lipstick jokes please) in the design, it worked just fine this time.

My copy of a brand-new book co-written by my friend Mary Hocks arrived from the publisher. Mary and her colleague Laura Gurak have put together a very nice technical writing handbook (on Amazon here). They used parts of a geomorphological report I wrote as examples, along with some things from our Emriver manuals. I am hoping that we can utilize use it to improve our writing. (Mary’s also a great singer-songwriter.)

We all worked on Emriver media color issues and finally worked out a system with our supplier. We have spent countless hours on this, but have gained a lot of expertise.

Jesse’s done a great job of redesigning the Emriver Em2 standpipe–this little part has always been a challenge, but it looks like we may have a design that is robust, easy to use and manufacture, but not too expensive.