riparian rap

We are surrounded by drug dealers.

Today was huge–Mediacom connected us to the internets.

A cable had to be run through an alley behind us, and Barrett and Jesse went up into the attic to help.

We were so excited that nobody took a photo. So I started drawing a map as a joke and then noticed some geographical ironies.

We’re surrounded by bad stuff, like abandoned/condemned buildings on two sides. When we moved in, a little concrete pad east of us was a hangout for all-day-drinking street people. Dayna’s done a great job working with the City of Carbondale on that. The map shows we have alcoholics in the vacant lot and crack in the back.

The Carbondale PD stopped by last week to ask if we saw any signs of drug dealing.

Yesterday I noticed what I suspect were drugs being moved from a car in our lot in a black roller case to the doctor’s office next door. Not long ago Dayna noticed another drug rep using Ziplocs. All in broad daylight.

We’re just trying to get our work done. Do we dial 911 when we see a Lexus we know is full of drugs?

Dashed line shows route of the internet cable.