riparian rap

We do science.

First a photo of the lunar eclipse last night, through the trees at our house–on one of the few clear nights we’ve seen lately.

We have a lot going on, it’s good time to list it.

Cara and I got to be scientists today–answering some complex questions about channel scour and fill and floodplain stratigraphy for a client who’s sampling contaminants from the Manhattan Project. We were smart, and it felt good to get away from business and marketing and grant writing. Cara’s worried that her science brain has been shriveling, so I’m glad we could pump it up a bit. It’s a good one.

Jesse did science, too, doing his best to destroy bearings we’re testing for the em4 model, and creating dangerous, explosive gases (and that brown foam is probably oil from the sintered carbbearings, Jesse, and Kate says use distilled water or you get all sorts of contaminants, and please put on your damn eye protection). I worry about this man’s inclination for destructive testing.

I did a bunch of design work for the em4; weight and balance calculations, and gearing for actuators, and getting quotes for gearing. Jesse also tested plastic media characteristics.

And we’re on a short list to do stormwater work in St. Louis, and also are continuing our stream restoration work for Lewis & Clark Community College in Alton, Illinois.

Cara set off our alarm this afternoon and got to talk to the Carbondale PD for a while. The alarm company is not staffed by scientists. Cara gave them the right code but they sent the police anyway.