riparian rap

We host, build, ship, and design.

We have a lot going on now, and it’s all good. How about some pictures?

Greg Wilkerson from SIUC brought a couple of his grad students by this week for a visit.

Shipping an Emriver to Minnesota with our friends from Rodeway.

A couple of very young researchers stopped by. They found our heating system inadequate but soldiered on at their cartoons calculations anyway.

We moved an Em4 box into the lab (still waiting on the articulated base) where Jesse and Cara posed with a pair of little pink cowboy boots.

Jesse made big standpipe design/production progress; he’s done a phenomenal job on this hardest of problems; moving a cylinder through a seal in a very wet, abrasive (modeling media) environment. And making the thing reasonably priced, easily buildable, foolproof, indestructible, pretty, safe, etc.