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We release our first Em3

We sent our first Em3 into the wild last week.

Kevin Brewer, a professor at Olivet Nazarene University, drove down to Carbondale from Bourbonnais, Ill. to pick it up.

We’ve spent a lot of hours over the past year designing, redesigning, building, and testing the Em3.  We noticed a gap between the Em2 and the Em4, and wanted something big enough for complicated demonstrations and research, but small enough to store and travel.

Geology students and professors test drive their Em3 at Olivet Nazarene University.
Photo from Olivet’s Geology Blog.

Professor Brewer and his team have been blogging about their Em3.

We took the Em3 to the GSA and AGU meetings this year, and were thrilled to see hundreds of professors, researchers and students take interest in our newest model.

And as always our amazing team worked together to make this happen — from last-minute adjustments to paperwork and logistics to everything in between.