riparian rap

We ship an Emriver Em3 to Liaoning, China.

Today we shipped a dual-tilting Em3 model to a museum in Liaoning, China.

Four separate crates will travel to China via ocean freight.  They hold a reinforced Em3 and lots of spare parts.

When the museum’s buyers first contacted us I assigned the project to Alee Quick, I saw it as a long shot.

Months passed as Alee and Meriam and I negotiated huge cultural and language barriers — I didn’t think we could overcome those.  But Alee made it happen.  We had help from Chinese speakers in Carbondale and hired a Chinese-American lawyer in Chicago to write a contract.

Building and crating the model for shipping was a marathon effort.  Thanks to John Cotter, his super skilled daughter Kelli, and to Jim and JM at LRRD.

Jim Nation put in many extra hours this week to make things perfect.

We do things nobody else in the world does.   Now we envision tens of thousands of people in China learning about rivers when this Em3 we built in Carbondale, Illinois goes to work.