riparian rap

Weekend update.

What an extraordinarily stormy year this has been. Here are spectacular clouds above our house in Carbondale yesterday. Kate and I arrived in Carbondale with the Em4 just in time to miss nearly 4 inches of rain that fell Wednesday evening in just a couple of hours. The storm knocked out power at SIUC for most of the next day.

We had a big week–The Em4 is done and being readied for delivery to Winona State. Jesse was off most of the week and for his 29th birthday on Friday. He is worried about turning 30, and getting zero sympathy from the rest of us.

Dayna has been fighting the many-headed healthcare Hydra, and found more reasonable coverage for us. What a huge, painful issue this is. Our health care system is horribly broken and I’m hoping we’ll soon get some people in Washington who give a damn.

Cara was very busy with Emriver calls, both sales and techincal issues (all good things, mostly people wanting to push the envelope), and with a wetland restoration project. She’s also working on the Em4 media production, which is a continuing challenge. We are closing in on a reliable supply of the color-coded media. We continue to get DVD orders from all over the world.

I rode my bike 40 hard miles this (Sunday) morning. My computer says I burned nearly 2,000 calories. I’m learning a ride like this really kills the urge to have my weekend beers, and pretty much do anything else for the remainder of the day.