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Weekly Roundup – Geomorphology Lesson Daily – April 10

Here’s a look back at the last week of #GeomorphologyLessonDaily. We’re compiling these lessons with high schoolers in mind, but the content can be used for other levels as well.

Remeandering of a small channelized stream


Rivers want to meander! As the camera pulls back in the beginning of this clip we see a small, meandering channel. As the graphics soon reveal, this channel was excavated as a wide, straight trapezoid about 10 years before this video was shot. The graphics show the remeandering process and also how the cross section has changed as terraces and point bars formed during the remeandering.

This channel is an unnamed tributary to Little Crab Orchard Creek near Parrish Elementary School in Carbondale, Illinois.

Flash Flood! Game


Experience this #EarthArcade virtual reality game on your phone, iPad or computer.

Awesome work by @SeriousGeoGames. Built with research from University of Hull.


flash flood game screen shot

Story of Plastics


The film, the Story of Plastic, was made available for free viewing courtesy of Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital for several days. The free viewing period has ended, unfortunately, but it’s a really important film to watch. It will be airing on the Discovery Channel on April 22 (Earth Day!). Checkout for additional viewing resources. 

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the story of plastics movie still

The Stories of Rocks


“I spent years studying rocks, and rocks are boring to most people… rocks are something that other boring things were compared to to talk about how boring things are. But I argue the opposite. Rocks are really interesting. Rocks tell stories.” -Geologist Patrick Johnstone

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Johnstone! We love rocks and we hope you do too! But if you’re not convinced yet, give a listen to Patrick’s talk about how rocks can help us to understand the stories of our environment. 

the stories of rocks presentation

What is the Brazil Nut Effect?


Ever wonder why all the Brazil nuts seem to end up on the top of a can of mixed nuts? Get answers from this awesome video! And if you want more answers to all of life’s questions, check out our recent blog post all about the Brazil Nut Effect.

Video by @aerognome / @fyfluiddynamics

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