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Weekly Roundup – Geomorphology Lesson Daily – May 1

Here’s a look back at the last week of #GeomorphologyLessonDaily. We’re compiling these lessons with high schoolers in mind, but the content can be used for other levels as well.

Opening up a river gives life to the ecosystem and fish


Less than six years after dam removal, there has been “a remarkable transformation of the river – and of the wildlife that depend on it.”

This is a remarkable story of the transformation of the Elwha River in Washington state and the recovery of an important species.

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Tributary incision caused by main channel incision


This clip shows how headcutting and incision in a main channel influences a smaller tributary.

Sediment is removed from the larger channel (here using an aspirator, out of the frame to the right) causing it to incise.

The headcutting and incision affect both the main channel and the smaller tributary.

Dye pulses show velocity and relative depth.

Note how incision is indicated by the formation of terraces in both channels.

Martian river delta


“Undulating streaks of land visible from space reveal rivers once coursed across the Martian surface – but for how long did the water flow?”

NASA has selected the location for the next Mars rover mission. A river delta that they hope may have preserved some signs of ancient life.

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Promising signs for Perseverance rover in its quest for past Martian life

How do culverts work?


Ever wonder how tunnels and culverts are able to support the earth above them?

Great visuals in this video by Engineering Models. You can find related videos on their YouTube channel.

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Learn about an amazing wave tank


The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility at The University of Edinburgh is a cutting-edge tool for research on wave & tidal current interactions.

This video is by The Slow Mo Guys, so they’re focused mostly on “the fun silly wave,” but it’s pretty fascinating to watch!

“It looks like someone is just pulling on space-time”

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