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Weekly Roundup – Geomorphology Lesson Daily – May 15

Here’s a look back at the last week of #GeomorphologyLessonDaily. We’re compiling these lessons with high schoolers in mind, but the content can be used for other levels as well.

Tractor vs. River Bend Erosion


Doomed tractor?! Base level is lowered by removing sediment downstream, causing headcutting & incision through a bend (headcut is brief, but visible), & the bank fails.

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The Physics of Fluid Mechanics


These lesson plans on OER Commons celebrate the importance of fluid mechanics in daily life.

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physics of fluid mechanics curriculum

The Skill of Sketching


Failed art in school? No worries! So did Victoria Wood, but she maintains that, through practice, anyone can learn the skills of sketching.

“It really is true what they say about a picture—if you can draw it, then it conveys everything in one go.”

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Slow mo video of the Strokkur Geyser in Iceland


The Slow Mo Guys travel to Iceland to film some erupting geysers in super slow mo, and the results are pretty captivating.

More about geysers here from U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), including an awesome diagram:

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Make a meandering river flipbook


This activity is too cool! Plus, there are links to good articles about meandering rivers.

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Ucayali flip book