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Weekly Roundup – Geomorphology Lesson Daily – May 29

This is our closing week of #GeomorphologyLessonDaily posts for the time being. Thanks for following along, and happy summer!

Rebalancing bank erosion rates


See several examples of collapsing riverbanks along with attempts at bank control with stone and brushy vegetation.

Watch how stone bank armoring can increase water velocity and cause more erosion of nearby soft banks, which often leads to failure of the stone wall. As an alternative, watch vegetation along a modeled river bank to slow the water flow and encourage sediment buildup, allowing the river to naturally rebuild itself.

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River Erosion Processes


Fabulous Time For Geography 6-minute video about erosion! A very informative video and some very beautiful scenery.

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time for geography - river erosion processes

Pi me a river


Looking at rivers with math! James Grime talks about river sinuosity, and explains how we can use math to think about our rivers.

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Storm hydrograph in small stream channel


Back in 2008 our own Steve Gough managed to catch an entire 2-hour rainstorm, and the resulting hydrograph, in a small urban channel in Carbondale, IL.

I compressed the resulting two hours of tape down to two minutes. A tree chipper and a stoplight in the corners of the frame are interesting to watch and give clues to the passing of time. During the flood a checkdam in the center of the frame is overwhelmed. At its peak, the storm is very impressive. Without sound (which you can’t use in time lapse) this is harder to appreciate, but the intensity of the rain is apparent.

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