riparian rap

Welcome, President Obama.

I’m proud of Kate–she’s barely had a day off for two weeks, but drove over to Cape Girardeau to get out the Missouri vote for Obama today. Here’s a photo (she’s in the middle). It was a beautiful day. And here’s a photo she took of a mailbox there.

I was born in Hope, Arkansas in 1958, and as a young boy remember the awful things I heard white grownups say about black people during the civil rights struggles in the 1960’s. In a freshly desegregated first grade, I made friends with a African American kid named Levinski Smith. I took him to a Boy Scout meeting and caused a major scandal. Last I heard of Vince, he had a seat on the Arkansas Supreme Court.

I clearly remember “Colored” and “White” water fountains–our hospital still had these faded signs in the early 70’s in southern Arkansas.

Kate and my friends have wondered why I’m so reluctant to accept Obama’s apparent win today. It’s because, like probably a lot of people who’ve grown up in the south, I can hardly believe it’s true.

So it’s with much emotion I welcome Barack Obama as our next President.