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Why I have no time for science blogging!

We are insanely busy at LRRD these days, with consulting, R&D, preparation for GSA-Denver, starting new research, and shipping at least a dozen of our new Em2 models as they’re built.

Here’s a sampling of what’s going on, just in the last couple of weeks, and an excuse for my lack of science blogging!
I actually took some time off last weekend for the first time in weeks.  Lily didn’t–she spent most of it at Saint Louis University, working with grad student Tim Keenan, testing and developing close range photogrammetry (CRP) methods for their Emriver Em4 model.  Exciting stuff!
Lots of outreach lately–we’re working with a Senior Engineering Design class at SIUC; they’ll be looking at instrumentation methods for our models.
And we hosted an SIUC watershed science class; this was a blast;students ran long profiles in the model (which we plotted real time on the monitor you see) and, by accident, built some very effective grade control stuctures.  A cool learning experience.
And Lily and Andrew Podoll with the NSF-funded GK-12 HEART program at SIUC took our model to a local environmental education program headlined by Jason the Farmer.  Thanks to Lily and Andrew, who donated their time (no effort by me).
Lily also hauled an Em2 to the Middle Mississippi River Wetland Field Station open house last weekend.  The MMRWFS is a 1,380 acre research area run by faculty at SIUC.  Those big blue things are fish tanks.