riparian rap

Yosemite time lapse

I’ve been neglecting this blog, but with good excuses–we have two huge proposals  due in a couple of weeks (one with 17 collaborators at 11 institutions!), year-end business stuff, just too many other things for me to keep up!

So much going on.  The Carleton College NSF-funded SERC site has hosted several of my videos in full resolution.  And many thanks to BrianR for a guest post over at Clastic Detritus.   I’m working with some wonderful designers to adapt our models for museums.  We are writing proposals to NSF and also for EPA 319 funding in Missouri.

Here’s a very cool video; People in Yosemite: A TimeLapse Study from Steven M. Bumgardner on Vimeo.  For years I’ve wanted to do something similar on Ozark National Scenic Riverways, where this video was shot. You can float that beautiful river in March and hardly see a soul. On a summer weekend, it’s like Daytona Beach on spring break.