riparian rap

You want how many Emriver models?

On this beautiful May day, to get away from serious work on St. Louis geomorphology, Em4 construction, Quicken 2008, and AutoCad, all of LRRD migrated to the Long Branch Coffeehouse for lunch.

There we ran into my wife Kate and our great friend and collaborator Karen Renzaglia. Just yesterday Karen learned she was to become an Associate Dean in the College of Science at SIUC. We love Karen and are very happy for her. Here’s a photo (below) of Kate and Karen.

Kate took a few photos of Jesse, Cara, me, and Dayna, and ordered us to assume various moods, including surprise.

A couple of hours later, in the midst of our super busy day, one of our favorite client/collaborators called to order, out of the blue, four Emriver models for his university lab.